Twitter as a customer service tool

I love Twitter. Though I rarely tweet, I follow several people. I recommend all my clients to set up a Twitter page for their website.

Twitter gives you one more avenue to reach your users. It gives one more room to communicate with your site visitors. You can do Twitter only contests and sales exclusively for your followers. This is a great way to get more interactive.

But what about using Twitter as a customer service tool? Here’s my recent encounter. First off, I am a Nascar fan. Yup, it’s true. I follow #29 Kevin Harvick and his wife Delana. So, I ordered a t-shirt from thier e-store. When it arrived, there was a hole in the sleeve. I tried twice contacting their store’s customer service with no response. I don’t know if my emails went to their spam box, or just got overlooked. At any rate, with phone number visible on the site, I sent an @ Twitter message to Delana asking how I could contact someone about my order.

Of course, their e-store has a Twitter account as well! (The Harvick’s are avid Twitter-er’s). We were able to use Twitter’s DM function to get the entire issue sorted out. Without Twitter, I don’t know how I would have contacted them about my issue.

Twitter is not only a social tool, but can and should be used as one more avenue of contact for your customers, clients and site visitors.

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