Hi! How are you today?

I am Stephanie Pleasants, a work at home mother and freelance web designer.

I balance homeschooling my 4 children with running my own web business.

I’ve dabbled in web development for over 10 years, finally settling on working with WordPress. As a virtual assistant, I help my clients with everything from website updates to managing social media and search engine optimization, whatever it takes to help them move their business to the next level. I love what I do and working with clients from all over. My clients quickly become my friends. What does your website need?


Four Things You Didn't Know About Me

I Love Disney

Disney World is my favorite place to vacation, but Hawaii is a very close second. I have touches of Disney throughout my home.

Peanut M&Ms Are The Best

As a kid I was all about the Snickers bar and Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg still holds a place in my heart, but give me all the M&M’s please.

I've Been Struck By Lightning

True story. Well, not me, but the car I was driving was struck. It was quite a scary experience that still haunts me 25+ years later.

I Will Bake But Not Cook

I really hate cooking, my skills are quite limited. Thankfully I have a great husband for that. But I do very much enjoy baking cookies, cakes & desserts.

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