Free HTML and CSS book!

head_first_html_and_css_2nd_editionSometimes you just want something small done right away. Why not learn a little HTML and CSS and do it yourself?! This 768 page book will certainly teach you the basics if nothing else. Even if you don’t “get” all of it, a basic understanding will take you a long way! O’Reilly is known for publishing great “How To” books that are easy to understand and read.

Is this book dated? Probably, tech stuff changes daily it seems. But, for someone just looking for the basics so you can understand your designer when she drops a bit of foreign jargon on you, this would be perfect. And who says you have to read the whole book? Just look over the chapters that interest you or cover your needs at the particular moment. Or maybe learn a little CSS so you can change font colors and such!

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