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Bye-Bye GoDaddy

I’ve been a long time GoDaddy user, it was the first, and only, registrar I’ve ever used. I’ve always hated the marketing. The “GoDaddy” girls disgust me. But, the price was right and the service, at one time, reliable. The reviews were good and the coupons plentiful.

I just can’t support a company that supports the Stop Online Piracy Act, SOPA. SOPA allows for the blocking of ANY domain name that even alludes to piracy. Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Youtube are all risk of being blocked at any time by SOPA.

Read more about the Stop Online Piracy Act at Lifehacker and follow their tips to show your support against it. I believe in everything NameCheap has to say about SOPA and so, I have moved my business to them.

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