I work for trades! Web design for vacation rental!

I love bartering my services! I was able to get a few Christmas gifts one year as a result of trading web design for products. Web design can get expensive, but I like to work with clients to make it more affordable for them.

I would love to take an Orlando vacation in September of 2011 (dates, even month, negotiable). Hotels can get pricey and cramped for a family of 6. We rented a vacation home for our last trip and really enjoyed it. I’ve been looking at homes for rent for the past week to see what’s out there. One thing I’ve noticed is that many personal websites look very unprofessional, lack great pictures or are just outdated. When I come across a nice website with a great layout and wonderful images, I’m more inclined to spend time on the site and look at the details, even marking it as a potential. An unprofessional site makes me take a quick glance and move on. A nice, professional site will bring you more bookings. Bookings mean money for you!

I would like to offer my services in exchange for a one week stay in Orlando. I am in search of a home that will sleep six, 3 or more bedrooms, with a private pool preferred, close to Disney. I will update or build you a website showcasing your home. I’ll even take new, updated photos of your home upon our arrival! We’ll work out the details privately.

If you or someone you know might be interested in my offer, contact me so we can work something out!

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