Adult Coloring Book on the go!

Have you joined the adult coloring book craze? Not that kind of adult coloring book, this kind:

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I haven’t quite yet, but I’m about to. Why? Coloring is a great way to deal with stress, anxiety and it’s just plain relaxing. I actually carried around crayons and a coloring book in high school. It was something to do between classes, it was relaxing.

Think about it, it’s just you, a few black lines and a whole bunch of colors. What better way to tune the world out for a bit and reset your brain?!

Now, you can color on the go. I just ran across this great app and immediately downloaded it and colored my first picture. There are tons of images to choose from and it’s as easy as tapping the color you want and then tapping the area you want to color. When you finish you can easily share your image in many ways.


The app is free and available on Google Play, the Itunes App Store and even Amazon Apps. It looks like only the basic colors are free, but you can purchase more if you really want. Basic works for me.

Take a break from life. Go color something.

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