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Kids + Facebook = MinorMonitor

I originally wrote this for my parenting blog, but I feel that this article also fits in here. It’s techy, techy is what I do.

“Chronically Late”, that’s the new title I’m giving myself 😉 I’m always behind on posting, I never get to park days on time, it’s amazing that I get to soccer practice and ice skating before lessons begin. Let me also apologize for any typos in advance, carpal tunnel makes typing a little difficult. On to the tip I’ve been wanting to post for awhile now…

You’ve got kids, the internet has Facebook. It’s inevitable. More and more and more teens and tweens are signing up for a Facebook profile. I have touched on keeping teens safe online in the past. But now, my 15 year old does have a Facebook account. As mentioned before, I have her password. But, I’ve added a new weapon to my online tracking- MinorMonitor.com

MinorMonitor is a FREE online service for parents to track your child’s actions on Facebook. I love it. There’s a few things I wish it did more of, but for what it does do, I’m happy. If you have multiple children, you will need multiple accounts, one account may only be linked to one facebook profile. No big deal. Registration and set up are very easy. Once you register on their site, you will need access to your child’s facebook profile, but you do have their password, right?! You’ll need to authorize the app, once authorized you’re good to go and your child probably won’t even know. They’d have to go digging through their profile to find the list of apps they’ve given permission to in order to find it.

MinorMonitor tracks comments, statuses, photos and videos. You can change settings to be alerted when keywords are posted. In some cases you might not be able to click through to read conversations unless you sign in to your child’s facebook profile or “friend” their friends. It’s all in the Facebook settings of the other person (you know, that allow friends of friends thing…). One thing you don’t see is private messages. Those only show up when there’s some on the alert list. Not too big of a deal to me, I do want to give my daughter some type of privacy.

I just can not recommend this program enough. It has more potential, but what it offers (and free at that!) is wonderful and fills the need. And let me tell you, this thing does not skimp on alerts! The phrase “I’m going to get off the computer” was red flagged for get off, and “tempted to say” was flagged as mild profanity.

Note: I logged in today to grab this screen shot (where I’ve blurred out personal information) and I see a link to add a child. I get a pop up telling to upgrade in order to add multiple children. I knew they mentioned adding this feature in the future, so definitely something to keep an eye on.

Check out MinorMonitor and let me know what you think!

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