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The Secret Answer to a Successful Website is a Care Plan

Website Maintenance is Crucial to a Profitable Website

Similar to software or your computer, your website requires maintenance to continue functioning. You maintain your car and your home, your website is no different. A Care Plan is the answer to maintaining your website.

A website is never truly finished.

If you don’t maintain your website on a minimum of a monthly basis, you may be losing money. Your site visitors want to see a fully functioning website or they’re going to leave and find someone else. You should checking your website monthly to ensure nothing on the public facing side is broken.

Benefits of a Care Plan

A website’s performance, which includes it’s load time, downtime and uptime, is fully dependent upon Wordpress and plugins functioning properly and being up to date. Keeping your website looking and functioning at at it’s best means making sure all updates are done in a smoothly and error-free.

Care Plan Workflow

I take special steps in taking care of your website. Before I do anything I create a backup of your database, and sometimes your entire website. After all updates are applied, I do a quick visual check to ensure nothing has broken. While this is an important step, it does not replace the need for you to also do a visual check each month. Updates are done on a schedule and I keep track of everything that was updated. If you opt for a monthly maintenance report, this information will be included in the report. I also monitor performance and uptime as well do regular security scans.

Do It Yourself Maintenance

Can you do it yourself? Sure you can, but it may end up costing you more in the log run. If you simply hit the update button you won’t have a record of what you’ve updated in case you need to roll back. Did you remember to backup before you updated? It may be rare, but there are times when an update can wreck your site and you need to be prepared to roll back if necessary. If you run an eCommerce site rolling back could result in losing orders. If you have sales on your site, updates are a little more tricky.

The cost to Fix > the cost to Maintain

If you fail to keep your website updated you open yourself to possible hacking. An update could wreck your website. At that point you’ve got two options. You can try to fix it yourself. If you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up doing further damage. Or, you pay someone (like me!) to fix it and it’s going to cost you both money and downtime. Get your maintenance done regularly and you’re website will continue functioning without disruption.

Trust the Professional

Just as you’d hire a professional Lawyer to represent you in court or a mechanic to repair your car, you should have a website pro maintain your website. You know your business, I know Wordpress. Leave the hard stuff to me while you focus on growing your business. We make a great team that way.

Still not convinced? WPBeginner has a great article about why you should always have the latest version of Wordpress. The two most important reasons are security and features and improvements.

I’ve got 3 Wordpress Care Plans to fulfill your needs. Look them over and decide which one you’d prefer to start with. Because Care Plans are billed monthly with no contract you can cancel at any time and you can upgrade or downgrade your plan as needed.

Do you have multiple Wordpress sites? Add 1 or 2 more sites for an additional $15 each per month. If you’ve got 3 or more extra sites to add, that cost drops to only $10. For Care Plan that include support time, these additional sites do not add additional support time. You are, however, welcome to add full cost Care Plans for each site if you prefer.

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