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Stuck for content ideas? Get unstuck!

Are you unsure what you should blog about? Do you feel like you’re posting the same blog posts over and over with nothing new to say? Feeling a stuck with a bit of writer’s block?

We’ve all been there.

Writing is hard when you know what to write about, but it’s darn near impossible when you have no topic idea at all. Believe it or not, it’s fairly easy to find topics worth writing about. You just need to know where to look.

Social Media.

Yep. Choose Facebook, Reddit or just about anywhere that dialog takes place and see what people are asking about. But how do you turn that into content?


People are asking questions all the time. If one person has asked it, there are more wondering the same thing. Take those questions and answer them in a blog post.


Read the discussions taking place. Many of them may be 2 sided, those for an idea and those against it. That is perfect for a comparison blog post.


Unhappy people speak out, moreso than happy people. While it’s not great to always post negative things, this could be a jumping point for an investigative type blog post. Maybe a certain service has gone downhill, there’s nothing wrong with writing about that and even asking your readers of their experience.

There’s three types of content you can quickly pull from places you likely already hang out. Now you’ve got a topic, you just need to get the words written.

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