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Hootsuite Rocks at Managing Social Networks!

I manage a few Twitter accounts and it gets annoying trying to remember the various usernames/passwords. Not to mention the time it takes to log in to each account individually. Enter Hootsuite.

Hootsuite allows you to manage your social networks with one simple log in. Not only that, you can send one tweet out via different accounts and even schedule your tweets to post later. Everything is in columns featuring your Home Feed, Mentions, Direct Messages and Pending Tweets. Want more? Add a column to show your sent tweets, messages out, pending tweets or even lists and searches.

Hootsuite isn’t just for Twitter. You can also update Facebook, LinkedIn and Ping.fm with Wordpress, MySpace and Foursquare in Beta. All can be updated at the same time or individually. Type your message, choose your social network and click send.

I’ve tried Tweetdeck in the past, but being a desktop program, it was just one more thing running in the background. With Hootsuite being browser based, it’s simply one more tab open in Firefox while I’m online.

I’ve even added my Facebook pages for my websites so I can update those from one location as well! If you use something different that you like better, let me know. Maybe you’ll change my mind.

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