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Friday Five: 5 Reasons I Don’t Do Phone Calls



It’s Friday Five time!

I often get emails asking when it would be a good time to have a phone chat. I always reply that my preference is email only. I just don’t do phone calls, for several reasons. This is my work flow, it works for me.

I did this one countdown style because I like to be different!

5. I Have Kids

And I homeschool them. I work around my kids for the most part and I can guarantee if I’m on the phone, they need something important.

4. No Office Door

That’s been on my “home wish list” for quite some time – an office with a door. My office is out in the open Β so find quiet time for a phone just doesn’t happen (see above). Maybe someday I will have a real office, but for now I’m quite successfully balancing work and family all in one.

3. Odd Hours

I do not have set office hours. I do not have set office days. I work when I can, and sometimes where I can. That may mean early morning, late at night or weekends. Aligning our schedules can be rather difficult.

2. Time is Important

I squeeze my work in when I can, sometimes in small spurts of time. A phone call during that precious time can disrupt my work flow and cause a setback. I want to get my projects done quickly and efficiently, interruptions (of any sort) kind of throw that off.

1. My Brain

I guarantee when we hang up the phone everything you say will be forgotten. Even if I take notes. I love having everything in email. I love being able to search my gmail inbox to find the things I need. I love the record of our exchanges that email provides.

I can decipher emails, I can’t remember phone calls. If words don’t work for you, we can do visual. Grab a screenshot, head to favorite editing program and draw notes. Is handwritten better for you? Grab a piece of paper and draw it out, snap a photo and send to me.

Written word keeps us from skipping the details which leads to a faster project completion.

What about you? If you had the option, I know some businesses require phone calls, phone calls or no?

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