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Create an FAQ Video easily

No matter what your line of business is there are always common questions that pop up constantly. An FAQ page is a great place to put these questions. Hopefully your site visitors will seek the answer and if they don’t you can direct them there.

There is another way more memorable way to convey information – – FAQ videos.

Some people would much rather watch and listen instead of read about an issue. For some details are easier absorbed when spoken rather than read.

Here’s who to create your first FAQ video:

Gather your content

Are you going to answer one question or multiple? Depending upon your answer you may be able to answer a few in one video. Alternatively, you may need a separate video per question.

Write your script

You can always wing it, but it’s best if you have a general outline of what you’re going to say. This can help ensure you are using clear words that your viewer will understand.

Practice, practice, practice

Record yourself a few times as practice. This helps you not stumble over words and allows you to get more comfortable talking to the camera. The more you do, the more confident you will become.

Find a place

Location is important, but doesn’t need to be too extravagant. You’ll need lighting, pay attention to your surroundings so they aren’t distracting and you’ll need a somewhat quiet space.

Record and edit

You don’t need any fancy equipment, just use your phone and record your video. You can even do simple edits with phone software as well. If you have the skill and software you can get fancy here, but it certainly isn’t needed.

Share your video

Release your video. You can post to your social media channels and you can embed it on your website. Make it easy for your viewer to locate when needed.

Making an FAQ video is fairly easy, it just takes a little time and prep on your part.

Here’s a video I did last week (no sound) showing some of my clients how to re-authorize their Instagram accounts on their website.

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