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5 Tips for a Welcome Email

You’ve got an option form on your website, that’s a great first step. But what follows is even more important- the Welcome Email.

Your Welcome Email should be sent to your subscriber right way. This will be set up in within your email list provider. At minimum you should send 1 welcome email. You could drip (a process of sending a few emails over a course of days or weeks) a few emails to cover introduce more to your subscriber.

What should your Welcome Email include?

  1. Introduction
    Your welcome email is a great time to introduce yourself or your brand. I know I sign up for a list, but don’t visit my email account right away. A reminder of who I’ve subscribed to is so helpful. Take this opportunity to remind your reader who you are.
  2. Set Expectations
    Let your reader know what to expect from you. You most likely made some sort of promise or enticement to get them join, reiterate that here. You could also include what type of content you plan to share and how frequently.
  3. Benefits
    Remind your reader of the value they will get from you. Use this as an opportunity to let them know why they should stay on your list.
  4. Deliver Value
    Whether it’s a tip or a discount, or even a free download, give your reader something. No one wants to give away information for free. If you haven’t already, this is the time to deliver whatever you promised to get them on your list in the first place.
  5. First Impression
    Your welcome email is your reader’s first impression of you in their inbox. Make it a good one. Take the time to format your welcome email nicely and check it over for typos. No one likes bland so go ahead and spice this one and make it something your subscriber wants to read.

Now that you’ve got the basics go get your welcome email in place!

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