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A Simple Guide to Website Speed Tests

I’m sure you’ve heard that the speed of your website is one the most important things for search engine ranking. As I’ve said before, a slow loading website is just going to turn your site visitors away. A website speed test is can help you test your performance and even

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Who should control your domain name? You!

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to a website. Much of it can be handed off to someone else to manage. But there’s one very important part that you should always take care of you own- your domain name. Your domain is how people find you

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Collect more client reviews

Client reviews and testimonials are important to your work. Your online reputation can make or break your financial goals. When you surf Netflix for a movie what is one thing you check? Ratings, right? Those are done by customer feedback. A whopping 91% of consumers between 18 and 34 are

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Tips to declutter your website menu

One crucial part of your website is your navigation or website menu. For many people the navigation is an after thought, just tossing links in place. It’s important that we take time and plan out the website menu to avoid confusion and assist site users in getting where they need

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Lazy Load for Website Speed

We know the time it takes for a page to load has an impact on our SEO scores. Resizing and compressing images to get a smaller file size is a super important first step, but there’s more that can be done to improve the speed of you website when it

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on page seo tips

6 Simple On Page SEO Tips

As we know Google runs the SEO atmosphere. The rules of Google change often, and it can be really hard and overwhelming to keep up. But, there are a few things you can focus on that will always be important for SEO. Here are 6 simple on page seo tips

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