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Make Pop-Ups Work

Pop-ups are an effective tool for you business. They help turn site visitors into return visitors. But, if a little care isn’t taken you could be scaring away your site visitors. So, how can you use pop-ups effectively to your advantage? The Bad First let’s tackle the negatives. A badly

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5 Tips for a Welcome Email

You’ve got an option form on your website, that’s a great first step. But what follows is even more important- the Welcome Email. Your Welcome Email should be sent to your subscriber right way. This will be set up in within your email list provider. At minimum you should send

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Care Plan Updates

The Secret Answer to a Successful Website is a Care Plan

Website Maintenance is Crucial to a Profitable Website Similar to software or your computer, your website requires maintenance to continue functioning. You maintain your car and your home, your website is no different. A Care Plan is the answer to maintaining your website. A website is never truly finished. If

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Wordpress Updates

The importance of Wordpress Updates

I can not stress enough how important it is to keep your website updated. That means updating Wordpress, plugins that you use and any themes installed, active and inactive, on your website on a consistent basis. I know wordpress updates can be annoying and they seem never-ending, but they fix

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Friday Five: 5 Basic HTML Tips for Beginners

Wordpress makes things easy, but there are times you just need to know some basic HTML. For the most part, you may never need these tips, you’ll have someone else do it for you. Not a problem! Some of you take pride in being able to do the little things

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Friday Five: Wordpress Contact Form Plugins

One page every website needs in a contact page. That contact page must include a contact form. I have seen several websites that put their phone and address out there and nothing else. It’s not hard to include a form. You must make it easy for your site visitors to

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