A site makeover!

I’m having a lot of fun redoing my site. I decided I wanted to transition the entire site over to WordPress instead of running a separate blog. I pretty much turn to WordPress for any site I need to do, I should run my site entirely on WordPress right?! I still have some work to do, but I love how it’s turning out. Once I get everything done style-wise, I’ll have to move all my webpages over. Then I get to style my “Cityhall” area where all purchases and billing, etc takes place.

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iGoogle Theme

Have you seen our iGoogle theme? It’s pretty awesome if I do say so. Check it out and leave us a nice comment. Maybe that will inspire me to create another one really soon.

If you don’t use iGoogle as your start page, you really should! Customize your page to show just the information you want to see!

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