Photography Websites

IΒ do photography websites! As a photographer, you are so busy editing photos and shooting clients, you don’t have time toΒ fiddle around with your website. You deserve a great site. Have no fear, Instanticity is here! πŸ˜‰

A photography website needs a few important things- your location, your contact information, and great photos. But in addition to those important things, you need a site that makes you look professional and makes your photos stand out. That is what I do. I give you the site you want and need.

For most photography sites I use Prophotoblogs on Wordpress. Prophoto makes it easy for you to create beautiful galleries to show off your photos. It also makes it easy for you to make changes to your site once I’m done (if you want, of course I’m always here when you need me!).

Don’t like Prophoto? No worries. If you’ve browsed around and found a different Wordpress theme you like, I’ll help you get it set up and customized.

Let’s get started. You deserve an awesome website to showcase your work!