Become My VIP Client

page-title WordPress, social media, seo, updates, changes, the list goes on and on. You are an expert in your field, not a website person. Stop stressing over creating and maintaining the perfect website. Let me help you. I will manage everything to do with your website, as much or as little as you desire. You tell me what want done and I will advise and complete the task, including helping with your social media posting and responding and Facebook ad placement.

What you get with a 6 month commitment:

  • An initial website review. I’ll tell you what may not be working, what might be confusing your visitors, how to make your website flow and what changes could be made. (a $50 value)
  • 6 months to do any website related task you need! Article editing, article submitting, website changes and updates, social media help, plugin installs, newsletter set up, website revamp. Whatever you need done. Ok, within reason, it must pertain to your business website, I don’t clean houses. [Approximately 6 hours per month for 6 months or 36 hours total]  (a $900 value)
  • Social Media help. Need graphics made? Need your page or group monitored? Posts created and/or shared (up to 3 times per week)? You will have to help with content because, well, you know your business better than I do. (a $900 value)
  • Your website will be kept up to date and backups will be made monthy for 6 months. No more out of date plugins or WordPress updates falling behind. (a $90 value)
  • Emails will be acknowledged within a few (waking) hours. Action will be taken within 1-2 days (kids permitting) You get front of the line access to me! If you’ve worked with me before, you know how quickly I acknowledge emails, imagine taking that a step further. (priceless! But let’s say $6000 value)

(value based on 6 months)

Total value $5000+ Your cost for a 6 month commitment is only $2200 $1500. Break your payments over 4 months and pay $400 per month.

At this time I am only accepting 5 VIP clients! Do not delay or you may lose your chance. This discounted rate of $1500 is only valid for a short time, I will be raising the price to $3000 soon (if spots remain). All services expire at the end of 6 months at which point you may renew your VIP status or any service individually.

What you need to know:

You must have a WordPress based website and I  must have admin rights to your site. You must commit to working with me. When I send you an email with a task to complete, you have to take the time to do it. “But, I want everything done for me!” Yes, I know and I will do as much as I can, but I do like to have your approval, I do like for you to sign off on changes and sometimes you may not want some particular change made. While it’s easiest if I have your passwords to Twitter and G+ and admin rights to your Facebook page, you may not feel comfortable with that and I understand. In those instances, you will have to do more work. I work via email. This is the best way for you to hold me accountable as we both will have written record of our conversations, (I rarely ever delete anything). If you have trouble writing words, feel free to send me screenshots and images. A lot of times it’s easier to show than to say. Phone calls are difficult to schedule since I work around my children’s schedules and once we hang up the phone, I’ll likely forget everything said! (Okay, I will forget everything.) Email allows me to refer back to things and work at very odd hours.

Hey Stephanie, I am ready! I commit to working with you for the next 6 months, answering emails and bugging you when you need it. Let’s work together and take my website to the next level. I plan to make:

Click your payment option and let’s get started!

I’m really looking forward to working with you. My motto is, and always has been, “your success is my success” because without my clients, I have nothing. I’m really excited about working directly with, and supporting, a small group.

Success Stories:

Robin-Owen-250pxI wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I hadn’t crossed paths with Stephanie. I highly recommend her. I’m a creative, not technical at all. It would take me hours to do what Stephanie can do in a few minutes.
Robin Owen –


trena-laineappreciate your efficiency with emails and handling everything in timely manner! your customer services is top notch- speaks volume as a business woman! keep up the great work
Trena Laine –


jim-davidsonStephanie not only got the job done, on time and on budget, but she brought with her creativity and purpose for the project that I had not considered during my planning phase. She’s a skilled web developer, expert technician, and an artist … all rolled into one!! I highly recommend her without reservation.
Jim Davidson –


kathleen-handalI had spend time with a lost 3 years running iTunes channel -iTunestelling me it was my server and my server Host Papa saying it was iTunes after any forums and correspondences I found my ‘podcast warrior’ Stephanie took it on in a confident calm manner kept in touch via emails w updates and preserved when others including my webmaster had given up Viola problem solved after much research and perseverance! Her interest ability and reasonable fees are GREAT!
Kathleen Handal, MD –

Are you looking for less than a 6 month commitment? Let’s chat, I’m sure we can come up with something. Or, you can order most these services separately.