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Use Google+ to Boost your Business!

Did you know Google has over a billion users and 540 million are active on a monthly basis? Not as many as Facebook, but still a significant number. Don’t ignore this client base! Aside from the client base, the best way to impact your search ranking is to play on the Google platforms.

Why use G+:

  • Google+ has over a billion users
  • Google+ have over 540 million monthly active users
  • 50% of G+ users are daily visitors
  • G+ is grown exponentially
  • All Gmail users have a G+ account
  • Gmail have 450 million users

Google+ Can:

  • Get your business on Google
  • G+ Page allows customers to find you on Google Maps, G+ and Google search
  • G+ Page gives your customers up to date information on your business

Share on Google:

  • You can post to your Google+ Profile
  • You can post in Google+ Communities
  • You can send email to your specific G+ circles

Google helps SEO:

  • There are over 3.6 billion daily internet searches
  • Google gets up to 70% of all of that search engine traffic
  • Search engines still drive the most traffic to your website

Love it or hate, you have to place the Google game. Get your Google+ page in place, get your authorship set up and start posting. If you’re not playing the game yet, contact me and let’s get you started!

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