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What NOT to do on Facebook…


With so many users and potential clients and customers on Facebook, there are a few boundaries you shouldn’t cross. Don’t chase away the next client by following these simple tips.

1. Selling

I know you’ve seen them. That one page you liked for some reason and yet all they ever post is a sales pitch. One after another, always a promotion. Yes, you should post promotions, but that shouldn’t be the only thing you post. If all you are ever doing is posting what you have for sale or your next promotion, you’re going to chase people away.

2. Lack of Acknowledgement

Take a moment to say “thanks”, even if it’s just simply a click of the like button. If some one takes time to post to your business page, or share something you’ve posted, then you should take the time to thank them. Everyone loves to be appreciated and if you take a moment to show your appreciation your clients will remember it.

3. Sharing Everything

Don’t keep passing it on. The chain letters, the memes meant to rile you up, don’t add to it by hitting share. If it seems shocking or unbelievable, look it up. Find a source, be sure it’s true before sharing. Better yet, just don’t share. If you must, do it on your personal page, not your business page.

4. Spelling & Grammar

Oye. This one gets me. Believe me I am not a perfect grammar person. I make typos like anyone else. But please, oh please, know which form of the word to use (sell vs sale, or they’re vs there vs their) and use the correct one. Spell out words! Leave the “text type” for later when you text your friend. Capital letters belong at the beginning of a sentence or proper noun,Β not every single letter of every word. [Did you know words spelled in capital letters is similar to yelling?!] Take a moment and look over your spelling and grammar before posting.

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