Colorful poster showcasing various holiday-themed fonts.

Friday Five: December Fonts

Well, it’s December so while it may be a tad late for those that are on top of things (that would not be me!), I think it’s a great time to highlight some holiday fonts. There are some great fonts out there to reflect the holiday season. I love making my family’s holiday card and I always struggle to find the right font. Well, no, that’s a lie, I struggle deciding which font to use. I want to use them all.

Of course, these fonts don’t have to be used only in December. With the right color and surrounding elements, some of them will work any time of year. I’m definitely considering some of these for my Christmas card.

free holiday fonts


You can download the fonts at the following locations. Be sure to check the usage license for each font before you put it to use.

Frosty @ 

Weehah @

Snowflake Letters @

Nickelodeon @

Mountains of Christmas @




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