Check Your Email!

blog-emailimageIf you own a website, then you probably have contact information on your website. That’s great! It’s wonderful when your website visitors can contact you with questions or issues they may have about your company, products, service or site. But you, as a site owner, need to go one step further and check that email! It’s quite aggravating as a site visitor to spend time crafting a message, hit send and then wait, wait, wait, wait and give up on ever getting a response.

Don’t leave your visitors hanging. Take the time to check your mail, even your spam box at least weekly. Send out a reply of some sort. Not answering is a big turn off. I’m often tempted to not support businesses that can send out a simple reply to questions. I don’t have a lot of time to spend making phone calls, I much prefer to shoot out a quick email when I have a question. The problem seems to be getting answers.

Tip: If you have no intention of answering emails, then don’t put an email address or contact form on your site. If you’re going to put that out there, then take a day each week to sit down and go through and answer emails. Your business can only benefit!

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